Polished Pope
Polished Pope
Adding Value to Your Life Through Style.



I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee. My style is partly influenced by my love for finding unique pieces while Goodwill shopping. I am inspired by bold color, sophisticated lines, eclectic styles and patterns. I created the Polished Pope brand because of my long time admiration of interior design, organization, and shopping. I started this blog in 2016 while being a mother of two children, two pups, a wife, and, entrepreneur who believes that you can look and feel like luxury without the high-priced fees. I aspire to educate and provide inspiration to others around the world through style, design, and food.


Our mission is to teach others how to feel confident in yourself and your space, so that you are equipped to go out and positively impact your world. 




Stylist. Designer. Influencer.