Just Like Daddy

Just Like Daddy


What an opportunity it is to feature alongside Goodwill to celebrate two amazing fathers and their families in observance of this upcoming Father’s Day 2017. These two Fathers and other Fathers around the world are doing an amazing job teaching us all types of life lessons. Fathers are our protectors, providers, first teachers, and playmates.

Every year during this time, we take a moment to commemorate our wonderful Father’s. Fathers play an important role in our lives. They have the ability to be caretakers and disciplinarians. They contribute to the emotional well-being of their children and they have a remarkable influence on our relationships with friends, significant others, and spouses. Girls often seek men who remind them of the characteristics of their Fathers and boys often seek their Father’s approval in everything that they do, typically modeling themselves after their fathers.

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As human beings we learn from modeling behaviors. Our mothers and especially our fathers are vital to the development of their children. Those early interactions in childhood develop patterns of interaction or social exchange, create patterns that affect how we feel about ourselves. It is said that girls that have good relationships with their fathers tend to do better in math, and boys who have actively involved fathers tend to have better grades, perform better on achievement tests, and develop securely with a stable and sustained sense of self.

Fathers even help shape our financial values and habits. They teach us things like Living within Our Means, Paying it Forward, and Planning for the Future. These featured fathers are not only amazing because of the l supportive foundations that they give to their children but because they to like myself, enjoy shopping for their families and supporting the mission behind Goodwill.

Studies show that only twenty percent of American households consist of married couples with children. However, there are those magical instances where family structures of all kinds are evolving. We have families with dads stepping up whether they are classically married, single, divorced, widowed, gay, straight, adoptive, step-father, a brother, grandfather, uncle or cousin.. When Fathers are engaged, they can really make a difference. The most important piece is that they are involved.

On Father’s day and everyday, it is important to recognize and reward dads for being there, and actively teaching important life skills to children. It is important to their children, and meaningful to dads everywhere when you say “Thank you, job well done.” This, after all, is what makes life worth living. This is your true legacy: ensuring the health and well-being of your children, that future generation to be. To all Dads I would personally like to say, Thank You!

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