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The Modest Movement

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The Modest Movement


Today we will show you what a less than $25 outfit looks like. We had the opportunity to style the founder of The Modest Movement, Jasmine Garner. During a Polished Pope Styles: Retail Therapy Session earlier this month. Jasmine was on the hunt for basic pieces that she could add to her existing wardrobe and for her upcoming photo shoot that I actually happened to be styling. We had so much fun and found some good everyday friendly pieces. Jasmine walked out of the store with several bags and a huge smile on her face because of how little she actually spent. That to me sounds like some pretty successful Retail Therapy!

Extremely Effortless, Classic and of course Frugal. We kept it really simple with neutral colors and items that would compliment her frame. This young lady is a 22-year-old Holistic Life Coach, a Professional Model, and Actress from North Memphis, TN. Like the name of her brand, she is a very modest young lady who has an exceptional love for faith and ministry. When styling Jasmine for her shoot, I wanted to display a few things. I wanted to show that this young lady is about her business, her posture and everything about her personality shouts sophistication and confidence. Lastly, Jasmine believes that as a woman in the modeling and acting industry you can still present yourself as beautiful while covering yourself. Pictured, you will see that Jasmine is wearing a black coat, white turtleneck, white pants, black tights, shoes and added accessories. Keep scrolling to find out more about these Polished Picks!


Outfit Details:

Jacket: Luba; Goodwill

Shirt: Eddie Bauer; Goodwill

Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT; Goodwill

Shoes: MERONA Target; Goodwill

Scarf: ALDO

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie’s

Handbag: Lulu Townsend; Goodwill


Continue reading the transcript of our Interview below, to get to know more about Jasmine Garner.

Polished P: Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

Jasmine G: I grew up mostly in North Memphis, and it was a rough area to live in, however, everyone knew everyone so it made it a little bit safer!

Polished P: Who was the most influential person to you as a child?

Jasmine G: The most influential person to me as a child was my Grandmother Mary. She planted seeds inside of me that are being watered today!

Polished P: Did you attend church or religious services, what are some of your earliest memories?

Jasmine G: Yes! My family was faithful “church-goers”. When I was four, I can remember services being held in my grandmother’s living room before the church was able to rent a building.

Polished P: Who or what was the biggest influence in your modeling career?

Jasmine G: The biggest influence in my modeling career isn’t a who, but it’s the concept and definition of a model itself. I always felt a pull or passion as a young woman, to show what an example of a specific quality or cause.

Polished P: What would be your ideal job as a model?

Jasmine G: My ideal job as a model is advocacy for a cause and of course editorial fashion.

Polished P: What do in your free time?

Jasmine G: In my free time I study, catch up with friends and family, and I work out.

Polished P: Do you admire a famous model and what makes them admirable?

Jasmine G: Yes! I admire Tyra Banks and Iman Abdulmajid. They are both Global Entrepreneurs and set a statement in the industry that beauty comes in all colors, and sizes.

Polished P: What other career aspirations do you have?

Jasmine G: My other career aspirations are to own my own school and talent agency, and run a traditional or online franchise.

Polished P: Tell me why you chose to model?

Jasmine G: I chose to model because I want to be an example and a light. I will impact our community and change the face of modeling by educating people about media literacy and show them that modeling isn't just a superficial and glamorous lifestyle, it's a position of influence.

Polished P: What is something that you are really proud of and why?

Jasmine G: I am proud of myself for taking a step of faith to follow my dreams because God met me on the other side of fear and doubt, now I feel free.

Polished P: What are the goals you are working toward this year?

Jasmine G: I am working towards a closer and more intimate relationship with God, furthering my education, and operating a thriving ministry.

Polished P: When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered?

Jasmine G: The only thing I want people to remember about my life is that God has a beautiful purpose for even the most broken people and they too can walk in it if they surrender.


Photo Credit: 567imagery.

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