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  1. the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

If you read my last post about Freedom, I expressed that I believe Freedom is Creativity. A lot of time we often get caught up in doing things by the book or being so uptight that we forget to express our true creative spirit. Time passes by and we miss the small moments to be creative and do what we genuinely love. As a little girl, I was most creative when I would lock myself in my room for hours, listening to the latest albums of popular music artist. I was most creative when I could spend hours coloring, and using my imagination to draw all of sorts things. I was most creative when I would scrapbook, write little love notes to my friends, and make cute little handmade cards for my family. I was being the most creative that I knew how to be at that time, with exactly the things that I had around me and nobody was there to tell me how to do it, when or where to do anything.


As an adult, like most, we juggle work, life, children, spouses family and friends. We learn that there are “rules” to everything. We begin to absorb the opinions of people, the world and even the things we make up in our own minds. We then stop that individual creativity that we once would exuberant as small children, adolescents and even teenagers. To this day, there are moments when I get in a funk and I start to doubt myself and allow those negative ideas and opinions to seep into my mind. I have to stop myself and immediately take action. I have to creative those free and positive environments that once surrounded me as a child in order to be free and creative. Now, I continue to be most creative when I can listen to all types of music, read a good book, shop and play dress up, cook, draw and write.


Lately, honestly I haven’t been able to tap into a lot of those things because of LIFE but that’s the whole point. Things are going to happen, life is going to continue with or without you. It's our decision to choose to stand still or take action despite what's going on, or what someone else things. I believe that when you are truly creative and able to do what you love, there is a different kind of fulfillment and praise to God for those creative gifts. Being creative also allows you to attract more creative vibes and people around you, which will then spark more creative ideas! Have you ever been in conversation with someone, in person or maybe even over the phone and while discussing creative ideas the more and more you converse the more and more new ideas generate? Exactly! Take a moment and do the things that you truly love not for anyone else but you, even if that is coloring a few pages in a coloring book, painting a photo, picking up a new trade or playing dress up.


This look was inspired by a mix of patterns, prints and textures. I love the pop of red of course but I most love how I tied in some defined lines with ornate patterns and lace textures. So much fun, nobody will have on your outfit when you mix things up a bit. The statement piece in this look is this amazing vintage kimono cheetah print robe. I have so many ideas for this one piece so this may not be the last time you see it. It’s a definite a keeper! Kimono robes was a pretty popular trend earlier this year, and although I do not normally follow many trends, I love the epidemic of wearing night clothes during the day, super creative and definitely breaks the rules.

Outfit Details:

 Shirt: Express

Pants: RENN; Goodwill

Kimono Robe: Valerie Stevens Intimates; Goodwill

Shoes: Express

Sunglasses: Hot Topic

Handbag: Unknown; Goodwill



Photo Credit: dbrown615_photograph

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