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Little Red Dress

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Little Red Dress


The Little Red Dress is my featured piece in this post. This is what I would have worn on a date night out for Valentine's Day, but my husband and I are no longer those "traditional couples". It is comfortable and just as easy as the 'Little Black Dress' to style. Throw a couple of accessories on with and you are good to go! For a really cute and flirty Valentine's Day look I styled this dress with red pumps and a red scarf, gold accessories and of course 'Scarlett', have you met her yet. I introduced her in my previous post.

Around holidays such as Valentine's Day, people normally go above and beyond to celebrate. When Eric and I first started dating twelve years ago we "went big" for our first couple of Valentine's Days. The first one he went really "traditional" and got me a dozen roses, a huge teddy bear that disappeared years ago, a huge box of delicious chocolates and later that evening he made reservations for Maggiano's.

The second year, we were onto "big and better things". He made reservations at The Melting Pot. I wore a red dress that reminded me of the iconic white "subway" dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch. I even had my hair curled like hers and I wore the cutest peep toes shoes. Eric was so nice to accompany me in an all black suit with a red tie. The Valentine's Day special included a five course meal, a dozen roses and a framed photo to remember our special date. Because I did not have a job, or any money to spend I made Eric a couple of framed pictures where I confessed my love for him, and believe it or not we still have them. Eric has spent so much money on that day and later told me that he did not enjoy the food or the experience.

Now days, we really try to make an effort to really enjoy one another everyday. We have learned to display our love and affection thru ways that do not require money, but instead require time, attention and conversation. Even if its only for a few minutes in passing from our daily activities, or in between discussing the children we have learned that we no longer have to "go big" for certain holidays. Do not get me wrong we love to get nice gifts from one another but we do not stress about those things around the holidays.

February is also very special to us because just like most, it gives us an opportunity to express our love to one another but, it is also Eric's birthday month. Every year I say that same thing, but I am more and more proud and impressed with the man that he is continuing to become. This past year he has given me so love and much support on this endeavor. As you continue to scroll you will see that he even joined me for this photo shoot and he had a good time. I dedicate this post "The Little Red Dress" to you Eric, since red is also your favorite color. Let's work on a babysitter, and plan a date night so that I can wear this dress again.

I love you babe. Happy Birthday King!!

HER Outfit Details:

Dress: Copper Key; Goodwill

Coat: Herman Kay; Goodwill

Shoes: BCBG

Scarf: Target Merona

Earrings: Target

HIS Outfit Details:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo; Goodwill

Sweater: Old Navy

Jacket: Ralph Lauren Polo

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Coach

Pocket Square: Club Room

Sunglasses: JCREW

Watch: Diesel

Photo Credit: 567imagery.

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