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The featured item for this really fun and timeless look, is my red coat thrifted from Goodwill. She looks like a Scarlet, she is a vivid red and I looked high a low for her. No seriously! So of course, I premeditate my shoots and when I go searching at Goodwill for pieces I have to have a plan. If I do not go in there with a plan, I will have all sorts of goodies in my shopping cart.

Now, back to what I was saying... I knew that I wanted to have a red coat to incorporate into my looks for Valentine's Day. I literally went to three or four different Goodwill stores. I finally found a red coat, it was bigger in size but I got it anyway. I held onto it, styled it a few different way, and I had planned to make it work! It just was not was I was looking for. It was shorter in length, wider and just did not feel like me.

Finally, on a random week day I went into my favorite Goodwill location determined to find the perfect red coat. Walked in and there she was! I was so elated, but I had to pause for a moment because I still had the other coat too! I looked the price tag and I could not fathom purchasing it at that time. I generally shop on sale days, every first Saturday of the month Nashville Goodwill locations give you fifty percent off of the regular price tags, so I was not used to paying the requesting value. I was so sad to leave her at the store but I had to think of another plan.

The very next day, I grabbed the red coat that I had, ran back to my favorite Goodwill store and was there before the doors could open. The doors finally opened, I went in grabbed Scarlet and went straight to the register and did an exchange. My Valentine's Day look was complete!

Whenever you shop at Goodwill, I can almost guarantee with patience and a plan you will find exactly what you are looking for. It may take a couple of tries and a couple of stores but you will definitely be satisfied when you find that diamond in the rough. I paired my featured item with a simple cream dress, spruced it up with a leopard heels for contrast, a decorative scarf and sequin handbag for texture, but this coat speaks for itself.

Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M

Coat: Herman Kay; Goodwill

Shoes: BCBG + Target MERONA; Poshmark

Handbag: Vintage Boutique

Scarf: Vintage; Southern Thrift

Watch: Michael Kors

Earrings: Target

Photo Credit: 567imagery.

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