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Girl In Green

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Who’s The Girl in Green? In this blog post, I want to do something fun and share some interested facts about myself that you may or may not already know! On Facebook, I posted a status asking my followers to ask me any question that they wanted to know. Thank you to everyone who responded to the post. You all have given me some thought provoking questions that I would love to answer in great detail, so those questions will become a topic for a future blog post.

1. When is your Birthday? September 4th, I share a birthday with the Queen Bee. You call her Beyonce, you can call me Peyonce!

2. What is your favorite places or things to eat? My husband and my son have variations of seafood allergies, so anytime I get to chance to go out and eat at a restaurant I typically go for seafood. I love Ruth Chris, their lobster macaroni and cheese is bae number two.

3. What is your favorite type of accessory? I have always had a love for scarves, no matter the season. Hubs would get mad at me sometimes because it would be summertime and I would try to incorporate a “summer scarf” into my look. Currently I am love with brooches, it is such a classic touch that I want to incorporate into my looks.

4. What is your favorite color? I have always loved violet, but these days I just absolutely love all colors in general! From season to season it varies. At this moment, I am loving anything tangerine.

5. Stripes or polka dots? Both of them are a go for me, but I love stripes. They give such a bold clean look to an outfit when they are horizontal.

6. What was your style in high school? Lol, in high school I was kind of a Plain Jane. I would wear jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, typical high school stuff. I did not really gain a sense of really “styling” until my adult years. I could do a really good job with coordinating things but did not have many financial resources to be able to put things together the way I wanted to. This is why I love shopping thrift, so many options without spending a ton of coins.

7. How do you look so cute and stylish with having two kids? I am struggling with one! Thank you! I will be honest, I have to play dress us sometimes so that I can plan my outfits ahead of time. I take pictures on my phone to remember what I paired together and then when the opportunity approaches I already have my look ready. Most days though, I typically have my go to leggings, cute top, sweater, cardigan and maybe a scarf to make it looked polished.

8. What are you ‘don't’s’ when thrifting? Do not be intimidated by the overwhelming amount of options while thrifting. Come with a strategic plan, pictures of example pieces that you want to add to your wardrobe and no what brands work for you. Do not forget to take allergy medicine if you are allergic to dust, some places can get really dusty and you want to be comfortable while shopping otherwise it can be a horrible experience. Do not expect to find things immediately if you do not normally thrift, you MUST be patient.

9. Which do you prefer and why? Thrifting vs Mall Mania? I prefer to shop Thrifting because I have several options, brands, decades in one place vs the mall I am stuck with more trendy options. I feel that I can be more creative with my wardrobe when shopping thrift.

10. How often do you buy new clothes? In high school, I started working at fourteen years old. I stayed in the mall, shopping weekly. I am pretty sure that I had a shopping addiction. Over the years I had to gain control over that beast. I still love to shop to this day but I am very strategic about my spending and the things that I actually need to purchase. This is how I birthed the concept of my ‘Retail Therapy Sessions’ held once a month at Goodwill. It is guilt free, inexpensive shopping experience, no impulse purchases and you get to give back to the community while finding wonderful pieces that I am sure once deserves.

This look was inspired by this lovely emerald green, cropped sleeve vintage blazer. To compliment the green I added a matching striped shirt underneath and boyfriend jeans to give this look a more casual feel. I added a statement necklace, pieces like this gives your outfit a more polished and out together look without over doing it with jewelry. Lastly, I added one of my favorite pairs of cheetah print shoes. They are my go to shoes to add boldness to any look.

Outfit Details:

Shirt: GAP; Goodwill

Blazer: JH Collectibles; Goodwill

Jeans: Express

Necklace: Ann Taylor LOFT

Shoes: Target's Sam & Libby

Earrings: Michale Kors

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie's

Scarf: Charming Charlie's

Earrings: Michael Kors


Photo Credit: 567imagery.

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