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Summer Break

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Summer Break


Its finally that time of the year! Summer Break!! Like most of us, I don't usually get a real break but you get it. It's all about perspective, so I take this break as time away from the hustle and bustle of getting the littles to and from school mixed with extra curricular activities, nightly homework routines, and robust homemade dinners every night. You get it right?! Sometimes we just need a little lighting up to our daily routine, so this my Summer Break.

The littles have been out of school since May 25th. We haven't done a whole bunch thus far. For the most part we have been establishing an at home routine because think about it, our children spend most of their time at school everyday of their lives so establishing an at home routine is necessary for them to function. Of course we want our children to have fun and play at home but for 'Mommys' sanity there has to be some boundaries.

I don't know what to do without our daily routines, it's the best way that we can function. Of course, on occasion we throw a wrench in our routines and wing it, but not very often.

In fact, according to the article The Importance of Routine from the University of Maine Advising & Academic Services Center: "Routines are invaluable in your daily life, as they provide structure and focus to your activities. Always remember, though, that routines should serve you, you shouldn’t be a slave to them. Their purpose is to allow you to accomplish your goals and live a happy, healthy life. Accordingly, learning how to build positive routines in your life today is important for your future life as well." 

Don't get me wrong this may not work for you, but I know what works for myself and my children. Again, this is my Summer Break.

This Summer Break, we plan to do a lot of reading even if that includes audio books. We plan to do creative writing, coloring and drawing. We plan to have lots of ice-cream and slushies. We plan to get outdoors as frequent as we can, even if it's right outside of where we live. We plan to get in pool and go swimming every now and then. We plan to have more conversation and interactions as a family. Lastly, I plan to have several glasses of wine or mojitos because lets just be real, mothering can be tough.

As far as my attire for Summer Break, I am wearing more shorts! I used to be self conscious about wearing shorts, because let's face it. I do not currently work out, I never used to work out and after children I do not have those toned cheerleader and gymnast legs that I once had. Who cares! I am wearing shorts and I am showing all the legs. I got a few pairs from my Retail Therapy Event at Goodwill earlier this month and I can not wait to style them.

This month's theme is inspired by boat season, so I went navy blues, reds and whites. The featured piece in this look is my sequin navy blue racerback tank. I immediately fell in love with this top because it has the white anchor on the front going with my boat theme, because themes are fun and they can sometimes help you with determining what to wear and when to wear it. Have fun!

I paired it with red espadrilles because they are a summer favorite and off white pleated shorts. This look could also be dressed up with heels or platforms for a more jazzed occasion. I accessorized this look with a pair of my favorite sunnies, a red lip because that's always necessary, and fingernails to match. See Outfit Details below.

Share with me your plans for Summer Break in the comments. What kind of activities do you have planned? What are your favorite eats and drinks? What bold ideas do you have for your wardrobe, I want to hear from you!

In the meantime enjoy your Summer Break, make it yours even if that adding something new to your wardrobe, adding a new activity to your daily lifestyle or having your favorite food or drink as frequent as your heart desires!

Outfit Details:

Top: JCREW; Goodwill

Shorts: Molly Green

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Sunglasses: JCREW

Earrings: Michael Kors

Handbag: Michael Kors

Photo Credit: hypebeast_d

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