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Time To Shine

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Time To Shine



For some reason lately, I have been waiting around to seize the opportunity. What opportunity you ask, ANY opportunity. Surprisingly there has been some things that I have delayed to process with in the process of building myself and my brand. Here comes another transparent moment, in the book of Polished Pope… This delay is because I have been waiting to be validated. Validated? Yes, Validated! I have been waiting for some mysterious thing or person to help me make MY decisions lately. Simple Decisions, that I had been previously making myself for years, from what I remember. But, WHY, why all of sudden the need for validation? I’ve been asking myself, self what has shifted in our way of thinking? What makes you think that you have to prove anything to anyone, except God!


From what I remember about who I once was, I used to be this very bold, forward, and determined person. I mean, don’t get me wrong she is still in there but why is she waiting in the shadows to be called on? What happened to her confidence. What happened to her little light? What happened to her “I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks attitude”. Man, I used to live my life safely on the edge. Lol! Did you see that I said “safely”. Well, lets just say that it was more strategic and planned but still on the edge. I would do what I wanted, go where I wanted, buy what I wanted and never second guessed myself or waited for someone's validation. WTF! Sorry, got a little heated all over again thinking about how much better I used to be. Don’t mistaken this post as a gripe post, this is me through the process or even you through your own process, self reflecting. Sometimes you have to speak to the girl you used to know.


Over the last few months as you can see, I have been doing some real deal self evaluating! Sometimes we get so caught in evaluating others, and everyone else’s situation surrounding us. When I say evaluating others and other people's problems I do not mean that in the worse reasons. Let me explain, if you are anything like me you are a fixer. Sometimes as people who like to find solutions to problems we often evaluate how we fix everything this else and end up neglecting ourselves in that fixing. Well I am here to tell you to put your shades, and get back to YOU. IT IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

If it takes, daily scripture writing, motivational podcast in your ear daily, self-help books, best friend pow wow chats, mani + pedi outlets, Retail Therapy, actual therapy, sprinkled with a little bit of red wine or even whisky. Get up, dust yourself and look in that mirror and remember who you once were, whose you are, and finally remember who God told you that you were destined to be.


This outfit was inspired by your grandmother’s sequin jacket suit, its such a statement. I tucked in the lapel to give it a more modern and polished look. Paired it with a simple yet bold solid colored shell shirt, again from your granny’s closet. Accent by a similar lip and nail color because it's always necessary to have a pop of color. To rock this outfit out I paired it with metallic brushed gray jeans, they are so amazing in person and may be coming to my Poshmark closet soon! Lastly, to give it that ‘You Go Girl’ vibe I paired this look with simple black peep-toe sock booties and my favorite shades. I hope that this look inspires you and I will say this one more time it's your Time To Shine!


Outfit Details:

 Jacket: Vintage; Goodwill

Shirt: Vintage; Goodwill

Jeans: Levi; Goodwill

Shoes: Express

Sunglasses: Hot Topic


Photo Credit: dbrown615_photography

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