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I love a timeless look and also think that’s why it's so easy for me to shop at Goodwill. I like to go for pieces that I will enjoy wearing over and over again. Pieces that I can mix and match, and pieces that I can wear all year round. When shopping at Goodwill I am honestly not the best at finding “trendy” pieces or at least I don’t spend a lot of time trying to find them. I like to stick to my own trend. What works for me! I do the same thing when shopping for my clients. I want to keep my wardrobe as well as theirs relatable. The most risk that I will take when it comes to fashion for myself or my clients are bold color, sophisticated lines, eclectic styles and patterns but that's it


To gain inspiration for some of the pieces that I find I tend to scroll through some of my favorite brands websites or even walk around in their stores to send how on “trend” I am. Often I am right on with my color schemes and themes, and sometimes feel like maybe I need to apply to work at one of these places because I just get it! I get their style, there comfort, their versatility and their timeless signature pieces. Some of those brands consist of J.Crew, GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy (DUH, they are the same brand lol!).

Also, Ann Taylor Loft, LOFT and Talbots just to name a few. I find that most of my favorite Goodwill finds are usually one of those brands. The quality of these brands clothes are impeccable. They last almost forever! If you are still unsure about how I find great pieces at Goodwill take note of these three tips. Find out what brands you love, learn more about their style of clothing and lastly find out why their clothes work for you. I bet you any amount of money if you are anything like me and like to save money while wearing some of your favorite brands you can spot their pieces at Goodwill from a mile away. The total look or this item before shoes costed me $13, found the shoes on a bogo sale at converse and I think I paid maybe $40 bucks for them.


I consider this look kind of funny yet extremely timeless and let me explain why. Growing up my mother was a social worker for the State of Michigan. She wore some of the best two-piece suits a woman could have! I also admired how she would match up her shoes and jewelry to each suit,. I guess you can say she was Polished lol! Now, my mother and her co-workers would often bring a pair of flats on tennis shoes to work. Does this ring a bell with your mother, aunt or someone that you know? They would bring those flats or tennis shoes so that during their lunch breaks they could take a few laps around the building to get be able to get up from their desk and get a little exercise. Hilarious that tennis shoes with dress slacks, skirts, dresses or shoes have become a modern trend. Our parents were wearing this trend decades ago! I will be honest with you though, I absolutely love the look. Vogue calls is ‘The Cool-Girl Uniform’, now if I am going to do something trendy, that's one that I can get on board with!


That was the inspiration for this look came from the black bomber sweater with gold specs. I wanted to accent the gold so I added a similar patterned skirt from a totally different brands, and its work, it gives me those feels of my Moms two-piece suits. I paired it with a statement suede vintage button down, which also played on the gold accents with its gold buttons. To give the look a more cool girl vibe I added black and gold classic converse tennis shoe and to create contract I added the black and white striped handbag because I’m a rebel, DK. This look is definitely timeless if my mother was rocking it over twenty year ago right?! Hope you like this look and that it inspires. Drop a comment below of a timeless item that you love or a trendy look that you would like to try!


Outfit Details: 

Jacket: Target MERONA; Goodwill

Shirt: Vintage Ann Taylor Loft; Goodwill

Skirt: Forever21; Goodwill

Shoes: Converse

Handbag: Charming Charlie’s; Goodwill

Sunglasses: Hot Topic

Photo Credit: dbrown615_photography

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