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Just In Time

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Just In Time



It's been far too long! I literally dropped everything regarding my brand and put it on the back-burner for months. My last blog post was January 23rd. I have missed you guys!! When I wrote that last post I was already behind my desired timeline but here I am, revamping just in time! In this series I will discuss things related to time. We all know how important time is but life happens and you tend to lose track of it. Time is the world's most valuable commodity.  


Let's be transparent for a moment, over the last few months it seems that time has flown by and everyday seems to run together. The hustle and bustle of juggling everything has truly been a challenge for me. A person looking into my life, may ask how? You are ‘Polished Pope’, and my response would be that I am Polished not Perfect. I do strive for perfection in everything that I do and I realize with life and time, things are may occasionally need to be tweaked or adjusted.


I have evaluated the past days, weeks and few months to see what has changed and the funny thing is, I haven’t really added anything new to our weekly and daily routines so I am having a hard time trying to figure out why I can’t keep up. I pretty sure that it has something to do with ‘Daylight Savings’ but the next question is why haven’t we adjusted already!! I have got to get grips on things soon because school will soon be out and the children will be home. What this mean, more things on my plate. More creative thinking to entertain my children and keep them productive.

A few ways that I will get this done is:

One: Develop a more consistent routine for MYSELF.

Two: Implement foundational routine for the littles.

Three: Utilize scheduling tools such as mobile calendar / alarm system, planner, dry-erase calendar.

Four: Get back to being intentional about time, being fully present even if that means planning specific events or moments to experience.


Obviously, from the picture below you can see that these photos are from the holidays... 

Yeah well, lets focus on this look. I found this dress around summer 2017 on a First Saturday when everything at Nashville's Goodwill stores are 50% off. I could not resist. It was two sizes too big but for $3 why not?! I knew that I would want to shoot in around the holidays because I loved the metallic colors print on it, but honestly this dress could be worn anytime. I paired with another pieces that I have eagerly waited for a couple of years to wear which is the this amazing vintage fur that I paid $40. I almost passed it up but on a rare occasion of hubs and I at Goodwill, he insisted that I take it home.

I took the dress to my seamstress and got it altered, literally picked it up just in time for my shoot that morning. 



Outfit Details: 

Dress: Unknown; Goodwill

Coat: Vintage; Goodwill

Shoes: Express

Handbag: Merona; Target


Photo Credit: dbrown615_photography

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