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The inspiration behind this look came from the lips shirt that I found on Poshmark. I love Poshmark almost just as good as Goodwill. You can find anything on their site. Check it out Poshmark here, and while you are there check out my closet!! Make sure that you sign up using my code: POLISHED POPE. You will receive $5 when you sign up with my invite code. So this shirt, It is originally from ASOS, may have retailed for $30 but I purchased it for $6 from Carly's closet, @ignarly. What I steal right?! By the way she has the most adorable pieces in her closet. Make sure to check her out!! So I had a credit from reselling a piece, so in actuality this shirt was FREE!!


So because I am a stylist who loves to have fun taking practical or functional pieces and pairing them together for a one of a kind look, I paired this funky shirt with a more conservative pencil skirt. I purchased the skirt from Goodwill months ago for maybe $3 during a half price sale. The skirt was actually a little too big but I decided to get it anyway because a quick alteration would be worth the purchase. I absolutely love the tuxedo like stripe on the side giving the entire look a more edgy yet polished look.


My handbag and shoes are seriously old pieces. In fact, I recently sold the shoes on Poshmark because I figured I'd worn them enough. However, they are a really good staple piece. You couldn't go wrong with any type of stiletto heel, especially a red suede one. But not fret, I have sourced a few replacement options if absolutely necessary that I can purchase using my Poshmark credit at a later date. My favorite accessory to this entire look are my free sunglasses that I purchased from Hot Topic during a buy two get one free sunglasses sale they had earlier this year. Loving the blue tint. Of course I added my pop of color on my nails lip to finalize this look for a Holiday inspired 'VDAY Look' or an 'Anyway Day, Because I CAN Look'.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below on this $8 look!


Outfit Details:

 Top: ASOS; Poshmark

Skirt: Worthington by JCPenny; Goodwill

Shoes: BCGG

Handbag: Target Merona

Sunglasses: Hot Topic


Photo Credit: dbrown615_photography

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