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Spread Love



This post is about spreading love. I absolutely LOVE this platform of fashion blogging and influence. I get to share the things that I love with all of you! The pieces that I choose to style and the colors that I choose to display all make me so happy. I can often see when I walk into a room the smile that comes on people faces because of my over the top or color outfit. It’s one settle way that I choose to spread love. During Valentine’s Day I made an appoint to style pieces in various shades of pink and red. I saw this dress and it was Love At First Sight.


This dress is so much fun. I had to spice it up with a pair of red heels and one of my favorite pieces, the red wool coat! I decided to wear simple accessories to compliment the dress, because it was statement within itself.


I Love clothes so much. I love what clothes can do for your mood. Believe it or not, many people have no clue how their moods are affected by the clothing that they choose to wear. I thought to myself when I saw this dress on the sales rack of H&M, "How daring that would be to wear on a date night with Hubs!". I knew he would love it when he saw it. He happens to Love the color red so it was a perfect combination of fierce and flirty, with a side of thighs. He would also see the Love that I had for him by wearing something so daring and short!

Spread Love anything was that you can imagine. Even if it's in the most simple way. Be inspired by your clothing, and everything around you so that you can spread Love.


Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M

Coat: Herman Kay; Goodwill

Shoes: BCBG

Sunglasses: JCREW


Photo Credit: dbrown615_photography

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