Time is the world’s most valuable commodity, why not tell it on such a unique timepiece from Jord. I’ve previously talked a lot about time on the blog when you get a moment go and catch up! In the meantime, take a look at this beauty.

Time is super important for everyone. I used to find myself saying that there wasn’t enough time in a day, but in fact, there is. It’s all about perception. Sometimes it takes life to really demand that you be more organized, consistent and intentional about your day. Every moment counts, but I don’t just say that meaning compile your day with a list of endless task. I say that because as humans and Mothers especially we have to give ourselves a break. Make time to not only do all the things for your spouse, children or pets but make time to do all of the things for yourself. Even if that includes, a mani-pedi, diving into a really good book at your child’s soccer practice or shoot even taking a nap!


I have partnered with Jord watches to showcase one of their most amazing watches. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to wear such an amazing watch, it's my favorite Spring accessory. I chose to showcase the Frankie Watch and I selected the boldest color in Frankie series, the Purpleheart & Plum. You probably noticed this about me, color makes me so happy! Everytime that I look down at my watch to see what’s next on the agenda I get to look at this beauty. The Frankie has a minimalist style. It sophisticated and elegant enough to pair with any look, but also traditional enough to pair with your favorite ‘Mom Jeans’.


I do not own many watches, but this one is by far my absolute favorite. Here are some fun facts about the Frankie Purpleheart &  Plum watch. One, the Purpleheart is a type of wood sources from the Solomon Islands, fancy! It has a natural purple color, which also happens to be my favorite color. It’s splash proof for Moms like me who forget to take off my accessories when washing dishes or bathing the pups, but of course, you should not be submerged it in water. Unlike most watches, The Frankie Series is super lightweight, so I can practically wear it all day long. You need this watch!


I have something exciting for you because remember we are taking time out to do all the things for ourselves. In collaboration with Jord watches, I am doing a giveaway for a watch of your choice. You get a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY and the lucky winner will receive $100 towards your first watch, but that’s not it. For anyone who enters you will get a 10% off code to use towards your purchase. Wow, could you imagine having one of these, we could be twins!

CLICK THE Link below to Enter for your Chance to WIN!!


Outfit Details:

 Top: American Eagles; Goodwill

Sweater: Forever21; Goodwill

Jacket: Unknown; Poshmark

Pants: J.Crew

Shoes: Unknown; TJMaxx

Sunglasses: Hot Topic

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Photo Credit: dbrown615_photography

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