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Valentine's Dinner Guide

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Valentine's Dinner Guide

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For a nice and upscale dinner experience, I would highly recommend the Urban Grub. They are located at 506 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204 and reservations are recommended but not required. This restaurant has a stylish yet rustic feel to its decor. You can experience a combination of southern favorites, raw bar and seafood specialities.

I have mingled with friends over drinks, a bestie over brunch, and hosted “the hubs” birthday dinner last year at this amazing venue. The service is exquisite. The wait staff does an excellent job explaining any menu item in detail to you. The presentation of all menu items are perfect and of course  the food is great! It is so good, you will think that your grandmother is in the kitchen cooking.

Below is a list of my must-have favorites.

Oysters You must try them, even if you never tried oysters before. Urban Grub makes them the BEST. You can get them Raw or Wood-Fired. The Wood-Fired oysters are cooked in a wood burning oven, baked and topped with garlic and parmesan. You will be addicted, and rumor has it that oysters are an one of the most notorious aphrodisiacs. You will be sure to have a good evening after having some with the beaux.

Design Your Own Boards This is a really fun appetizer for the table. You basically get to build a platter of some of their house cured meats, local and imported cheeses, and fresh seafood and accompaniments. This option really adds a great talking peace to your dinner.

Double Cut Pork Chop Now, for the really hearty foods, and I mean seriously hearty. My husband got the pork chop the second time that we experienced Urban Grub, and he like most men they do not like to share their plates. No worries, that pork chop was so big that it was enough for him to share some with me, enjoy on his own and take a little home. It is a Double Cut Chop with Agave, Grain Mustard and Smoked Peaches.

7oz Creekstone Farms Certified Hereford Filet When I go out to a nice restaurant that specializes in premium meats, I go for steak. I like to get the Filet. Its topped with caramelized shallots and worcestershire butter. Very simple, straight forward and to the point. It is a robust option that melts in your mouth.

Stone Oven Mac & Cheese Remember that part about the Grandma stuff earlier? This is where it gets to that. Now unfortunately, I do not see the greens that they usually have on their menu but if you get the greens you must get the mac & cheese. They seriously are cooked to perfection, as if somebody’s grandmother had been in the kitchen all day preparing these two side items. It a combination of cheese and plenty of it, baked just how I like it.

Stone Oven Asparagus I love a good steamed asparagus. Pairs with either item on the menu.

List of UrbanGrub Craft Cocktails Of course with all of this amazing food, Urban Grub has a variety of crafted cocktails to pair with your meal. Ask your server for recommendations, they are experts!

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